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This page is provided as a point of contact between Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts faculty and HIDA Online Learning. We provide a variety of unique web-based tools and services specifically designed with the needs of arts educators in mind. We offer the technology consultation, database support, media editing and formatting, server infrastructure and support which make it possible for you to create courses which can be taught fully online or to provide additional materials, online testing and assignments for classes which are taught in a traditional live environment.

Our custom tools make it easy for both educators and students to keep track of assignments, grades and test scores and allows instructors to provide feedback to students on their work. Our flexible online testing system allows for the integration of media into the testing environment allowing for associated audio and visual elements with each question. Our use of proven and familiar technologies, such as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format, MP3 Audio files and MPEG 4 video files, and use of Macromedia Flash to seamlessly combine these elements to present your content in engaging and innovative ways.

We are dedicated to making it easier for faculty in the creative disciplines of Art, Dance, Music, Theatre, Architecture and Film to tap into the potential of distance learning. Please click below and send us a request and we will work with you to design supporting technology that provides the perfect compliment to your course.

Due to high demand and a commitment to excellence, we ask you to please keep in mind that our time table for new course development is 9 months to a year lead time for a fully online course and 3 months minimum for supplemental services such as online testing, writing assignment systems and discussion boards. Please keep this in mind when contacting us about working on a new course with you.


Course Site Design & Development:
Graphic design and creation of entire course environment

Instructional Design Consultation:
Consultation with Faculty for course development to maximize content and provide quality, efficient and effective online courses (based on individual Faculty pedagogical process)

Training in Online Learning Technologies.

Web Relational Databases:
Creation of tailored databases & intuitive web interface for future grading, comments, and time sensitive input from faculty

Audio & Video:
Inclusion of Audio/Video elements in all aspects of content presentation, assessment and delivery

Assessment & Practice:
Custom design of elements that assess and enhance retention of course objectives that include media to meet faculty need

Technical Support:
Course technical support for faculty and student users

Consultation on website copyright issues

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