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About Us

The Herberger Online team provides support for custom solutions for both fully online courses and hybrid courses. Hybrid courses are a combination of classroom sessions supplemented with online content such as exams, quizzes, written assignments, audio and video content and flash presentations. The Herberger Online team works with instructors to develop tailored solutions for courses that utilize Web and media technologies that help instructors and students connect without the boundaries of a traditional classroom environment. Students can participate in discussion boards, listen to audio lectures, watch videos and slideshow presentations, submit assignments and take exams and quizzes all from a customized website that is specifically designed for each instructor and each course.

Currently, there are over 50 courses offered through Herberger Online with an average of 400 students per course totaling 12,000. Some courses have 800 students signed up.

Our staff has over thirty-five years of accumulated experience in delivering compelling course content to the Web. We invite you to meet with us and discuss how we can assist you in creating online course content that is academically engaging, easy to use and very dependable.