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General FAQ

HerbergerOnline Frequently Asked Questions

This document contains a compilation of tips, procedures, and course policies that when followed, should make the technical part of the course much less stressful. Please read this document and refer to it should you experience any technical difficulties.




Which web browser is best for online courses?

Our courses are designed to work on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher. We STRONGLY SUGGEST, however, that you use the latest version of Firefox (PC) or Safari (Mac). If you plan on using a browser other than these be sure to test it via the practice exam.

Note: As of the Winter 2009 session, we no longer support Internet Explore 6. Please use a modern browser.

Do I need to enable JavaScript?

Yes. You must enable JavaScript in HerbergerOnline courses. Many of our newer courses are designed to use the latest Web 2.0 interactions, and these require JavaScript to function. Do NOT turn off JavaScript support in your browser.

Do I have to be concerned about pop-up blockers?

Yes. You will need to disable pop-up blockers or adjust the filter level of your pop-up blocker settings.

Any resets incurred as a result of disruption caused by pop-up blockers will be counted as one of your resets for the semester.

It is also a very good idea to take the practice test prior to logging into the actual exam. The media files found on the practice test are of the same format as the actual exam. This will allow you the opportunity to adjust your settings accordingly.

Can I take the course from my home computer?

Yes, as long as your computer, browser and Internet connection meet the minimum technical requirements.

Can I take the course from a cruise ship / remote forest using my cell phone / WiFi network at the airport or my hotel?

Please try not to. Network connections like these are often not robust enough to handle streaming video, large files, or important quizzes and exams. In general, we recommend that students refrain from taking any kind of assessment from these types of connections. Hotel connections are often throttled to ensure guests receive the same bandwidth.


Where can I take my online exam?

As stated, you may use your own computer to take the online course, including its quizzes and exams. Be aware, however, that technical issues originating from your computer will not be accepted as justification for additional resets. Most instructors offer a maximum of two resets per semester. Use them wisely.

Recommended on-campus computing sites: If you are in the Phoenix metro area, it is strongly recommended that you use any of the following on-campus computing site facilities to take online exams:

  • CPcom Atrium (Computing Commons)
  • COOR 150
  • BAC 16
  • ECG 150
  • GWC 185

What if I have trouble with media files during an exam?

  • If you can't hear audio, please check your volume settings before contacting us.
  • If you experience problems, be prepared to describe the issue, e.g., "The audio file on question number 14 wouldn't play."
  • Jot down any error messages that appear on screen.
  • If possible, take a screen capture. (The more information you have, the better.)
  • Finally, exit your exam by quitting the browser (DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR EXAM!), and contact our help desk.

What is a reset?

Exam resets are allowed as an acknowledgment that while the course delivery system via the internet is very reliable, it is not perfect. Users may experience technical difficulties out of their control during an exam. The number of resets for your course is determined by your instructor, and will be found in your course syllabus.

To reset your exam, close your browser window and EXIT or QUIT your browser (DO NOT SUBMIT THE EXAM!). Relaunch the browser, and logon to the exam. You will be prompted to reset the exam, accept the policies, and then be given a new version of the exam.

A reset exam is a NEW exam. Your previous answers (if any) will not be stored, and you will be presented with a new series of questions.

What if the server crashes and it's not my fault that my test needs to be reset?

This can happen. All server outages and or crashes are logged. All users who are logged onto an exam during a crash will be granted a "free" reset back to their original test questions and their test clock will be set back to the beginning. Users who are not logged onto an exam during an outage or crash will not be able to log onto the exam so they will not be granted a free reset.